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NX Modeling

NX Modeling 정규 교육 커리큘럼

구분 일차 상세설명
NX Modeling
1일차 NX 이해
Datum Plane – CSYS, Plane, Axis
Sketch - Sketching, ,Create Curve, Constraint, Dimension
Layer – Layer Setting, Move to Layer
2일차 Analysis - Distance, Angle
Feature Modeling - Extrude, Revolve, Hole, Block, Swept
Combine - Unite, Subtract, Intersect, Saw, Patch
>Detail Feature - Edge Blend, Chamfer, Trim Body, Draft
3일차 Section – Edit Section, Clip Section
Associative Copy – Pattern Feature, Mirror Feature, Extract Body
Tool – Move Object, Expressions, Material
Visualization – View Style, Edit Object Display
4일차 Synchronous Modeling – Move Face, Pull Face, Offset Region
5일차 Assembly – Assembly Navigator, Context Control, Creating Component, Move Components, Constraints, Clearance
Draft – Drafting View, Dimension, Annotation, View Dependent
NX Assembly
1일차 Introduction to NX Assemblies
Assembly Navigator
Assembly Navigator Toolbars
Sectioning Assembly
Creating Assembly Components
Move Assembly Components
Constraining Assembly Components
2일차 Assembly Arrangements
Component Pattern
File Management
Clearance and Analysis
Assembly Weight Management
Assembly Cloning
Interpart Expressions
Deformable Components
Part Families
Assembly Sequencing and Motion
NX Drafting
1일차 Introduction to NX Drafting
Part Navigator
Drafting View
Move, Copy and Align Views
Hiding Geometry in Views
Updating Drawing
2일차 Center Line Symbols
Dimensions / Annotation
Section View
Adding PMI to Drawings
Maintaining Associativity
Detail View / View Boundaries / Broken View
View Dependent Edit
Part Attributes / Parts Lists
Exploded Views
NX Mold Wizard 1일차 Mold Wizard 소개 - 구성요소와 작업방식 화면구성, Process 설명
Product Verification - Mold Design Validation, Check Regions
Project Start - Initialize Project, Mold CSYS, Work Piece, Cavity Layout
Parting - Patch, Define Region, Design Parting, Define Cavity & Core
2일차 Mold Tool - Create Box, Solid Patch, Split Face, Stock Size, Merge Cavity
Standard Library - Mold Base, Standard Part, Slide, Ejector Pin, Cooling, Lifter, Pocket, Trim Mold
3일차 Mold Wizard 실습
예제 Modeling을 이용한 금형설계 실습